I cannot make out why someone do the harassment.


I want to tell you what happened to me after break my bone.

I had an experienced while I have been staying at hospital. I really couldn’t construe about behavior.

Thought I was respected before I leave the company. Cause I thought that He was gentle and smarted.

He gave a lot of a advice to me How to do in my business.

But He was changed . Because I cannot work again at that shop.

During a hospital, He told me that You have to and must think of the business a lot , your brain is no problem, just you cannot move yourself.

I have been breaking my back bone since 2017,October. So couldn’t stand and even sit for about 1 month. And if I didn’t try to operation, and if Back bone had pressured to my back nerves, I could not have stood myself forever.

It was really serious problems.

But He told me about that story.

And After I decided leave the company. He send me to many mail , He told me What is like a denigrate a lot. I thought that Don’t forgive him.

But I considered Why someone do the harassment.

It’s difficult issue has what kind of family and what is by nature.

It’s seriously and sensitive problems.

What do you think of it.

I think that This is not only stylist problems. This problems is all over the world.

I hope it will be stripped bare of the world.


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