I want to tell you


I can make a success in the creating this pages.

But I have to give someone a lot of things through the this one.

I consider is What can I do and what to do in the moment is Whether I should try to write a blog or not.

I can get many memories as hair stylist for nine years.

My costumer send mail to me

Congratulations!! You can return to the job. I hope that your body is recovering soon. I got a praise by my acquaintance about this hairstyle. And He told me how nice I was and advised me not to change the hair salon.
So I’m sorry to hear that. I have a image is that Yokohama is too far from Tokyo. But if I have a opportunity, I’ll tell you soon.

Thinking again that she makes happy and that I cannot quit the job.

I wanted to tell my costumer is that I information to my situation.

Thank you so much


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